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About us

MUL LAW OFFICES (CompanyFormationBelgium.com) is a company specialized in offering incorporation services and legal advice in Belgium.

MUL LAW OFFICES (CompanyFormationBelgium.com) has two offices in Antwerp and Ghent. The local representatives of our main company specialize in company formation and tax consultancy, however we also offer legal advice in certain aspects of commercial and corporate law and in other legal areas. Our main areas of expertise include:

  • – general commercial law;
  • – distribution and agency law;
  • – establishment and supervision of companies;
  • – enforcement of (foreign) judgments;
  • – debt collection at a national and an international level;
  • – civil law in general;
  • – succession and inheritance law;
  • – civil and medical liability;
  • – maritime and transport;
  • – vessel arrest;
  • – intellectual property and counterfeit,ЕЕ.

Meet below our expert in company formation matters in Belgium!

Karel Mul is a Doctor of Laws and Master of Roman Notarial Law (Ghent University). He graduated summa cum laude at the University of Antwerp in Maritime and Transport Law and cum laude in Maritime and Transport Insurance Law. He is an exprienced lawyer and an active member of numerous international organizations, such as:

  • – the International Bar Association (IBA);
  • – the AEA (Association of International Lawyers);
  • – the ABA (American Bar Association);
  • – ALEXIA (International Network Maritime Lawyers);
  • – VOKA (Chamber of Commerce);
  • – the Belgian Hong Kong Society, etc.

He is a member of both the Antwerp and the Ghent bar. He is the former President of the Conference of the Bar in Antwerp and he was also an associate Judge at the Commercial Court of Antwerp for ten years.

In order to have your question answered by our specialists or set up an appointment please call our main office.

All our clients can rest assured that their cases will be treated in a professional and confidential manner. It will be handled by our reputed lawyers in Belgium with a strong experience in Corporate and Commercial Law, company formation and other business related matters. We do our best to provide them with a complete package of services representing  the best solution for each business.