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Change the Company Type in Belgium

Change the Company Type in Belgium

You might decide to change your company type for several reasons, such as significant transformation in the company’s activity or a massive restructuration. Regardless of the cause, you can easily change your business structure in Belgium thanks to the flexible administrative system. You need to consult the regulations concerning company registration in Belgium where you can find another suitable legal form for your Belgian business.

What is necessary in order to change the company type in Belgium

In order to change the company type in Belgium you will need to obtain from the authorities the specific documents required for this procedure. You must then submit the forms filled with the information of your company. You might need as well to motivate the change by providing a resolution of the board members.

Previously it is vital to determine the best legal structure for the new direction of your company. You might be in the situation to go from a Limited Liability Company to a Belgian Cooperative Company, or to extend from one Person Private Limited Company to a larger structure. If the Belgian legal forms are not familiar to you or if you are not sure what is in the best interest of your business, it is advisable to consult with an expert in company formation in Belgium

Why could it be necessary to change the company type in Belgium

Many changes can come up during a business development process. You might be in the situation to change even the nationality of your company if this is a meaningful decision for the trajectory of your company. The change of name can take place as well by modifying the articles of association. If your business has been through a significant restructuring or has taken another direction of activity, you will most likely need to organize it in a new legal form, which can better suit the new goals of your business.

We kindly invite you to contact our Belgian company formation experts who can offer competent advice regarding the change of your company type in Belgium. They can help you prepare the documentation and to significantly reduce the time required for this procedure.