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Obtain Business Permits and Licenses in Belgium

Obtain Business Permits and Licenses in Belgium

Businesses set up in Belgium, regardless if they are established by local or foreign investors, need to receive certain business permits and licenses, issued in accordance with the business field in which the company is carrying its operations. Our team of Belgium company formation specialists can assist foreign entrepreneurs in obtaining the documents needed for their company

Permits for foodstuffs companies in Belgium 

All companies which carry out activities in the field of foodstuffs are required to receive a permit from the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain. The document is necessary for businesses set up in the following fields:

• hotel industry;

• restaurants and cafes;

• cafeterias and canteens;

• bookstores (if applicable). 

The agency will issue a permit after the company will be analyzed by the Foodstuffs Inspection Department of the institution. In order to receive the permit, the company must meet the hygiene standards imposed by the local legislation; once the document is issued, it will be available for a period of three years. Our team of Belgian company incorporation representatives can provide more details on the hygiene standards. 

Construction permits in Belgium 

Investors who are interested in opening a construction site in Belgium must know that, in this field, businesses have to obtain a set of special permits and licenses, as prescribed by the Belgian law

When a company is involved in a construction site, the investor will need a building permit, issued by the Municipality. According to the type of building, the investor may also need an environment impact report. Prior to starting the operations for the construction, the businessman is required to expose the business permit on the site.

After the construction is finished, the site will be inspected by the Fire Department. 

Companies should also take into consideration the environmental regulations. Waste can’t be incinerated in the Brussels region without possessing a permit. Such permits are issued by various institutions, as the waste management established here is organized by regions. 

Persons who are interested in receiving more information on the business permits and licenses necessary for a certain domain in Belgium can address to our team of Belgian company formation agents