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Open a Car Rental Company in Belgium

Open a Car Rental Company in Belgium

Car rental businesses can be a lucrative small business option for many investors. Having an initial available capital to purchase a number of cars, investors in Belgium can grow their business and expand it to more than one Belgian city.

In order to open a car rental company in Belgium, investors need to follow the company incorporation steps, have a business plan and provide quality and competitive services to their clients. First-time investors can also rely on the help provided by our company formation agents in Belgium

Car rental businesses in Belgium

The types of car rental services provided by a company in Belgium are daily hiring or contract hire. The target clientele will depend on the chosen type of business. For example, daily car hire targets travelers, tourists in Belgium or business people and any other clients who need to rent a car for a specific number of days.

An important step when choosing to develop such a business is having a good business plan. Moreover, the investors need to have the available capital (or funding options) to purchase the fleet of cars. Small companies can start with a minimum number of cars and expand as the business grows.

An option when deciding to start a car rental company in Belgium is to form a partnership. This business form has the advantage of lower incorporation costs, compared to corporations; however, investors should remember that they have greater liability. One of our company formation agents in Belgium can help answer your questions on the available business forms. 

Another important aspect to consider is the insurance for the cars. Moreover, car rental companies can offer services that also include insurance for their customers.

How to open a company in Belgium

Entrepreneurs who want to open a car rental agency in Brussels or in another Belgian city need to follow a few key steps:

  • – choosing the type of company;
  • – selecting an available business name and opening a bank account in Belgium;
  • – preparing the documents and registering with the Crossroad bank for companies;
  • – obtaining a VAT number;
  • – hiring employees.

The Belgian VAT registration process for a car rental company can take place as soon as the business is registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. The assigned VAT number will be the same as the company’s already given number upon registration (and it will act as the VAT ID). Small companies may be exempt from this tax, however, they still need to register.

One of our company formation agents in Belgium can help you during all or any of these steps. Contact us for more information and advice on doing business in the country.