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Open a Catering Business in Belgium

Open a Catering Business in Belgium

Investors who open a catering business in Belgium have access to a large range of potential clients and they can even start their business with low initial costs and expand their business as their popularity grows.

In order to open a company in Belgium, entrepreneurs who want to start a catering business will need to observe a set of steps and requirements. Among these steps is also the VAT registration procedure in Belgium.

Catering businesses in Belgium

Catering companies provide meal services to a diverse range of clients. Some of these types of companies specialize in gourmet foods, while others provide international cuisine options or specific types of foods such as soups or barbecue.

Belgian catering companies supply food for business meals, different parties, and receptions. Most entrepreneurs will try to expand their range of clients and not limit themselves to a specific category, such as businesses. Catering companies in Brussels and other Belgian cities will provide services for weddings or wedding showers and different types of parties. Finding a niche is important and so is knowing the competition in a particular field.

Investors who want to start a catering business in Belgium can start by thinking of a catering menu, which may be a simple or an elaborate one, depending on the type of food the company will provide. The new Belgian company will need to have a unique business name and be incorporated as per the local rules. Hiring staff is an important step, especially when hiring the chefs who will cook the food. It is equally important to purchase the cooking and serving equipment.

The initial business start-up costs for a catering company may be lower and investors can choose to purchase additional equipment and hire extra staff as the business expands.

One of our Belgian company formation agents can give you information about the estimated initial costs related to business incorporation. 

How to open a company in Belgium

There are various types of companies in Belgium which have different capital requirements, according to their size. The SPRL/BVBA is a type of company suited to small or medium-sized businesses and can be suitable for a catering business.

The new company needs to be registered with the Belgian business register, the Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises (BCE). One of our agents who specialize in company registration in Belgium can give you complete details on the steps and documents needed for incorporation.

Contact us for more information and advice on how to open a company in Belgium.