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Open a Franchise Business in Belgium

Open a Franchise Business in Belgium

The franchise is a manner of doing business where an investor manages a business that has already been proven to work and is known in other countries. The entrepreneur will be the one to bring that respective company or business to the Belgian market and expand an already existing business model.

In order to open a franchise business in Belgium, investors need to acquire the adjacent rights by signing a franchise agreement.

Investors who want to open a company in Belgium can consider buying a franchise, if this business model suits their needs and if they find an available option among the numerous franchise offers.

Buying a franchise in Belgium

In order to start a franchise business in Belgium, the franchisee (the one buying the franchise) purchases the license, trade name, trademarks and the means of doing business from the franchisor (the one selling the franchise).

Belgium is a county that offers franchising opportunities is a variety of business fields, from different types of services companies to restaurant and fast-food chains or retail franchises. Investors who are looking to buy a franchise should consider all of the available franchise opportunities in Belgium and the costs associated not only with purchasing the licenses and trademarks but also with hiring employees, managing the business and paying taxes in the country. 

A feasibility study can be the first step when deciding to open a franchise business. After they sign the franchise agreement and acquire the licenses, investors will need to follow the steps for company registration in Belgium. Our incorporation agents can help them register a company and can also assist them in other business related matters, such as VAT registration in Belgium.

Selling a franchise in Belgium

Companies that have already established themselves on the Belgian marker can choose to franchise as a means of expanding to other cities and even outside the country. An advantage is that Belgium is bordered by other European countries that are attractive to many foreign investors, like France or the Netherlands.

Franchising, and thus selling the rights to a franchisee, will mean that the franchisor will transfer trademarks, know-how and the tested and a proved business model.

One of our Belgian company formation agents can give you more information if franchising is a suitable option to expand your business.

Contact us for information on all matters concerning company formation in Belgium.