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Open a Hair Salon in Belgium

Open a Hair Salon in Belgium

The beauty and personal care business sectors in Belgium offers several opportunities for investment, out of which the hair care and hairdressing niche can be a particularly attractive one.

Entrepreneurs who wish to open a hair salon in Belgium can read this short guide and can ask our agents for more details.

Company formation in Belgium is a straightforward process and investors who need clarifications or special assistance can reach out to our team of experts.

How to open a hair salon in Belgium

Opening a hair salon is a process that involves a few steps and investors will need to observe all of the rules for opening a company but also for running a business in this sector. Below are the four main points worth taking into consideration:

  1. the costs: this type of business will involve a number of specific costs like those to purchase the equipment for the salon; the services offered can be related strictly to hair care, however, many salons offer additional services (cosmetic services for example) and these will need to be taken into consideration.  
  2. the concept: Belgium is a multicultural country and a new hair salon can address a wide range of clients; choosing a niche can be a good business option.
  3. the location: the location of the salon will be important, as well as the condition of the building; if the interior needs renovations or restructuring, you can add these in the initial start-up costs.
  4. the regulations: the salon will need to observe not only the rules for company registration in Belgium but also to obtain the special permits and licenses, like those related to hygiene for example.

How to open a company in Belgium

When opening a hair salon, investors will need to incorporate a legal entity. This is commonly an SPRL or a BVBA company, a private limited company where the liability of the investors is limited to the amount of invested capital.

One of our agents who specialize in Belgian company formation can give you more details about the actual registration process and the capital requirements.

Contact us for complete assistance during company formation in Belgium. In case you need other business related services, such as VAT registration services in Belgium, our team is at your disposal.