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Open a Pharmaceutical Company in Belgium

Open a Pharmaceutical Company in Belgium

The pharmaceutical industry in Belgium is very well developed as it represents a world leader in this industry. The industry is strongly supported thorough numerous policies and each year, the research and development sector in the pharmaceutical field receives investments with a total value of EUR 1,5 billion, a sum which represents twice as much compared to the European average values. In order to open a company in Belgium in this field, the businessmen will need to receive special permits and licenses provided the relevant authorities, which are issued for the specific activities carried out by the respective companyOur team of company formation representatives in Belgium can assist investors in drafting various types of legal documents. 

Register a company in Belgium  

The company registration in Belgium starts by choosing a suitable legal entityCompanies set up in the field of pharmaceuticals can be registered under various business forms, but most of the investors prefer to choose the most common type of company, which is preferred throughout Europe. In this sense, we mention the limited liability company

The legal entity will be established in the statutory documents of the company, which must be signed at a public notary in Belgium. For this, it is recommended to receive assistance from our team of specialists in company formation in Belgium, who can offer their expertise in the provisions of the Commercial Law

Investors are also required to provide a financial plan for the company

Any company performing commercial activities in Belgium has to register for taxation purposes. Businesses opened in the pharmaceutical industry are also required to register for social security (as they will employ personnel). The procedure is handled at the One Stop Shop Register

Pharmaceutical companies need to register for VAT in Belgium, however, these types of activities are subject to a reduced, 6% rate (compared to the standard 21% rate applicable to the provision of other types of goods and services). Registration is mandatory before the commencement of the activities for all businesses that are subject to this tax. Our team can assist with more information. 

Distributing pharmaceutical products in Belgium  

In order to establish commercial activities in Belgium related to the distribution of pharmaceutical products, such as drugs, the companies will need to obtain a marketing authorisation

However, several exemptions are offered if, for example, the company will distribute medicines which are provided for experimental purposes. 

Businessmen can receive an in-depth presentation on the procedure of registering a pharmaceutical company from our team of company formation agents in Belgium.