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Open a Publishing Company in Belgium

Open a Publishing Company in Belgium

The publishing industry in Belgium represents a stable economic sector, with revenues of approximately EUR 3 billion. For example, between 2008 -2014, the annual turnover registered by the publishing companies operating in Belgium ranged between EUR 2,6 billion to EUR 3,3 billion.

Foreign businessmen who want to open a company in Belgium in the field of publishing will register the company following the incorporation procedures which are available for commercial companies. Investors can find out more details on the process from our team of company formation representatives in Belgium, who can assist investors in obtaining business permits and licenses for their companies

Register a Belgian company  

In order to activate in the publishing industry, the investors will need to register the company following the prescribed procedures. The registration process starts by choosing one of the legal entities which are available under the local legislation. Following this decision, the investors will need to draw the statutory documents of the company – the memorandum and articles of association. The procedure must always be completed in front of a public notary in Belgium, which has to authenticate the respective documents. 

The procedure of company formation in Belgium also requires setting up a corporate bank account, in which the minimum share capital will be deposited. The minimum sum depends on the legal entity of the future company and our team of specialists in company formation in Belgium may provide more details on the share capital regulations.  

Further on, the company must be registered with the local authorities for Value Added Tax (VAT) purposes and social security at the Register of Legal Entities. The institution will also provide the company’s identification number

Daily and weekly publications are subject to a zero VAT rate, however, this does not mean that they are not subject to VAT registration in Belgium. The company registers for VAT purposes before it commences its VAT-taxable activities (which, in this particular case, can be zero-rates for publications). Our team can give you more details on the value-added tax depending on your specific business activities. 

The publishing industry in Belgium 

The publishing industry in Belgium is comprised on numerous activities and types of companies, but most of them provide books and e-books products on the local market. According to the applicable legislation, the VAT imposed on most of the books printed in Belgium is of only 6%, which is also available for newspapers and periodicals.

An important step referring to the taxation of the products provided by the publishing industry is that the local authorities announced a proposition for the reduction of the VAT for e-books, to a rate of 6% from the current rate of 21%. 

Businessmen are invited to contact our team of company formation agents in Belgium for more details on how to register a publishing business here. We can also offer other business related services, for example in case you need a virtual office in Belgium, you can rely on our incorporation experts.