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Open a Real Estate Agency in Belgium

Open a Real Estate Agency in Belgium

Real estate sector is available in Belgium for both residential properties, but also for commercial transactions. The real estate sector can also provide renting services for both natural persons and legal entities. Belgium represents an attractive location for businessmen who are interested to set up a real estate agency here, as the local market is very stable. Our team of Belgian company formation specialists can offer an in-depth presentation on how to register a real estate agency and how to obtain special permits, issued for this field. 

Open a company in Belgium  

real estate agency is incorporated following the registration process applicable to other businesses set up in Belgium

The first important aspect is the legal entity of the company. As a general rule, most of the companies set up here are registered as a limited liability company (LLC), but the investors have many other options. However, for this type of business activity, it is recommended to set up a LLC. The next step is referring to the drafting of the statutory documents of the company, which will prescribe the rights and the obligations of the company. The investor should also open a corporate bank account for the newly formed company, in which he or she will deposit the minimum share capital, which is usually established in accordance with the business form of the company.  

The Belgian legislation also states that the businessmen should submit a financial plan at a public notary, alongside with the statutory documents, which will be authenticated by the notary; our team of Belgian company incorporation representatives can offer further details on the registration process of a real estate agency

While small businesses with an annual turnover of no more than EUR 25,000 can be considered VAT-exempt, companies are subject to VAT registration in Belgium irrespective of their annual turnover. This is a step that takes place before the commencement of the business activities (the start of the VAT-taxable activities). Our team can give you more details about the requirements. 

Real estate industry in Belgium  

The businessmen interested in the real estate industry should be familiar with its characteristics. It is important to know that, in 2015, the prices of houses sold at a national level increased by 1,37%, but this increase was mainly sustained by the development in the newly built houses (an increase of 6,5% in the prices), while the prices of the existing units decreased by 0,43%. 

When referring to the renting conditions of the local housing units, it is necessary to mention that the higher renting yields were registered for the local apartments with a surface of 50- 75 square meters. 

Businessmen interested in receiving more information on how to open a real estate agency in Belgium, can address to our team of Belgian company formation agents