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Open a SPV Company in Belgium

Open a SPV Company in Belgium

Just like in other European countries, investors can establish in Belgium a special purpose vehicle (SPV), which is first registered following the regulations for commercial companies operating on this market. However, such entities are incorporated for securitization purposes and the businessmen who want to open a company in Belgium must first analyse the legal requirements referring to the status of a SPV. Those who need assistance on the applicable legislation can address to our team of specialists in company formation in Belgium for in-depth details referring to the SPV. Our agents can also help foreign investors in each step of the incorporation

The legal statute of a Belgian SPV company  

Belgian SPV follows the incorporation procedure available for commercial companies. In Belgium, foreign businessmen can register the SPV under one of the following legal entities

limited liability company;

limited liability partnership.

Thus, the investors will have to draw the articles of association, a procedure which is performed in front of a public notary in Belgium

However, a SPV is established for securitization purposes, which means that the legal statute of the company must be completed following the regulations prescribed under the UCITS Act (undertakings for collective investments in transferable securities). This is applicable in the case of regulated receivables and our company formation representatives in Belgium may provide more details in this sense. 

Securitization in Belgium 

Investors who are interested in Belgian company formation under the form of a SPV must know that securitization is a type of investment tool in which the financial assets are transferred in this type of legal entity in the form of secure transactions. The assets, which can refer to finance loansmortgagescorporate loansreceivables and royalties, are protected from credit risks. 

Taxation of a SPV in Belgium 

Investors who want to invest in company formation in Belgium must also consider the taxation level available in Belgium. In the case of a SPV, the applicable legislation imposes the following taxes: 

corporate tax rate – applicable at the rate of 33,99%;

value added tax, which is not imposed in many situations;

withholding tax on payments. 

Investors who want to receive more details on the procedure to register a SPV company in Belgium are invited to contact our consultants