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Open a Textile Manufacturing Business in Belgium

Open a Textile Manufacturing Business in Belgium

Belgium has a developed textile industry, with Flanders acting as its main hub for the industry. The country is known for its high-quality textile products and the longstanding manufacturing experience. 

Investors who open a textile manufacturing business in Belgium can focus on one of the several sub-sectors in the industry, such as clothing or carpets. Our team of Belgian company formation agents can assist you in opening a company that operates in this business sector.

The textile industry in Belgium

Flanders is home to a number of cluster organizations in the textile industry, such as Fedustria and Unitex. Textile companies in Belgium produce a wide range of products, from clothing and interior textiles to protective clothing or medical textiles. A special category of manufacturers also focuses on developing new and innovative products. Textile research centers in Belgium are involved in finding new applications for “smart materials” or in the production of special highly resistant fabrics or fabrics that change colors. 

Textile start-ups in Flanders benefit not only from a welcoming business environment but also access to financing and talented workers in Belgium

Company formation in Belgium is a process that involves a few key steps and our team of company formation agents can walk you through all of these. They can also help you if you need assistance in the process of  VAT registration in Belgium.

How to open a company in Belgium

Investors who wish to start a Belgian textile manufacturing business need to observe the basic company formation requirements. The main steps for opening a company can be summarized as follows:

– choosing a type of company and an available company name;

– opening a bank account and depositing the capital;

– drawing up the corporate documents;

– registering the company with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises;

– obtaining any needed special authorizations.

Our agents who specialize in company registration in Belgium can offer you complete assistance throughout any or all of these steps.

If you would like to know more about the requirements for textile companies in Flanders as well as general information about company formation, please do not hesitate to contact us.