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Open a Travel Agency in Belgium

Open a Travel Agency in Belgium

Tourism in Belgium

Investors who want to open a travel agency in Belgium can take advantage of the country’s geographical position and accessibility as well as its reputation as a destination for food and beer lovers. 

Belgium is multi-cultural and offers various options for tourists. Visitors can enjoy lush forests in the Ardennes region or visit the country’s cities by the coastline. Travel companies can provide touristic packages that include various itineraries: for gourmet lovers, for history lovers or art and architecture enthusiasts. 

Our company registration experts in Belgium can help you invest in the country and open a travel agency.

How to open a travel agency in Belgium

travel agency needs to be incorporated as a Belgian legal entity. The most preferred business form for this is the limited liability company: its lower registration costs and the required minimum share capital make it a better option for medium-sized investors than a public limited company.

International travel companies that want to enter the Belgian market can open a branch or a subsidiary. While both business forms are suitable for international businesses, the branch is more burdensome on the mother company that has to be liable for the branch’s actions in Belgium.

Individuals can also become independent travel consultants. They can act independently and work for a travel agency or franchise in Belgium or they can open their own business in the form of a sole trader.

Our agents can help you incorporate a company and register with the relevant tax and labour authorities in the country.

Special permits and licenses in Belgium 

Travel companies in Belgium will need to obtain a number of special permits and licenses. Individual agents will also need to obtain adequate qualification to perform travel consultancy activities. 

The issuance of permits for tour operators or travel agencies is done at a regional level, for those based in the Walloon Region or the Brussels-Capital Region.

Travel agencies in Belgium will also have to conclude a mandatory insurance policy with a company of their choice. The policies are necessary in order for the travel company to be able to guarantee financial reimbursements for their clients or to cover the repatriation costs, if needed. 

Travel agencies are required to follow the step for VAT registration in Belgium as there is no minimum applicable threshold according to turnover. In fact, the travel agency will register before it commences its VAT-taxable activities. The process takes place online, however, our team can give you details on when this can be applied for, after the initial company registration. 

You can contact our company registration consultants in Belgium for more information about company formation in the country.