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Open an Agricultural Business in Belgium

Open an Agricultural Business in Belgium

Agriculture is one of the pillars of Belgium’s food business. Produce is distributed in the country or exported and opportunities exist in all areas of agriculture and even farming. 

The main agriculture clusters in Belgium can be found in Flanders and Wallonia. Both regions encourage investments and the development of innovative companies in the agri-food sector. 

Investors who want to open an agricultural business in Belgium will need to open a company and obtain the necessary permits for functioning. Company formation in Belgium is straightforward and foreign investors can benefit from local aid if needed.

Agricultural businesses in Belgium

The Wallonia and Flanders are the two Belgian regions with the most opportunities for agricultural companies. While the Brussels-Capital Region has also taken steps toward encouraging this sector, this area accounts for a lesser percentage of the overall agricultural activity in the country.

The three regions observe their own policies for agricultural development. For example, Flanders offers investment aid and support for companies in this business field while the Walloon Region focuses on providing nee farmers with opportunities and conditions for employment. Both regions develop their own products and are focused on food safety and a sustainable agricultural development. 

One of our company formation agents in Belgium can give you details about the conditions for investment in each of the three regions in the country.

Company formation in Belgium

Investors who want to open a company in Belgium that activates in the agri-food sector need to observe the local laws of the region in which they wish to set-up their new company. The Flemish, Walloon and Brussels-Capital Regions each have their investment agencies.

Belgium is an important exporter in Europe and there are no restrictions on trade. The business-friendly regime and the policies for easing company formation are all important advantages for those who want to open a company here.

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