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Set up a Recruitment Company in Belgium

Set up a Recruitment Company in Belgium

Set-up-a-Recruitment-Company-in-Belgium.jpgRecruitment companies in Belgium are incorporated in order to provide recruitment services to both the employers and the employee. Companies wishing to find a candidate who suits best to the job description can address to a recruitment agency, which can act on the behalf of the employers in this sense; at the same time, persons seeking to be employed can request the assistance the recruitment agents. Such companies can offer a wide variety of services, which can be further explained by our team of Belgian company formation specialists

Recruitment environment available in Belgium 

Foreign investors who want to establish a recruitment company in Belgium should know the characteristics of the local environment related to the ways in which individuals can be employed. 

Member states of the European Union are part of an integrate system of employment, which is the European Employment Service, a body providing information on the job vacancies available in each country. 

Belgium operates under this service, as well as on an internal structure, comprised of public or private employment agencies. Belgian public employment system is established by region; for example, the main service available in the capital city, Brussels, is the Office Regional Bruxellois de L’Emploi, while other regions of the country use the assistance of Services Subregionaux de l’Emploi (Subregional Employment Services). 

The private system is represented by small or medium size companies, which provide local, national or international employment services. Such businesses rely on a large database of persons seeking a job in Belgium, established in accordance with their level of specialization. By applying different methods, employment agencies can assess the qualities of the individuals and offer only the most suitable candidates; our team of Belgium company formation agents can provide more details on this matter. 

Establishing a legal entity for the recruitment company 

There are several legal entities under which a recruitment company can be incorporated in Belgium. They can be chosen by the investors in accordance with the rights and obligations given by each business form. 

The most common business form is the private limited liability company and it is most suitable for small or medium sized companies; the shareholders are liable for the company’s debts only in respect to the shares owned in the company. In order to incorporate a company you will need a registered office in this country and our incorporation experts can provide you with a virtual office in Belgium.

Another type of legal entity is the public limited liability company, which requires the association of minimum two shareholders. 

The VAT registration in Belgium for the new recruitment company takes place once the legal entity has been registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. Registration for VAT purposes is mandatory even if the recruitment company qualifies as a SME with an annual turnover that allows it to remain Vat-exempt. Our team can give you more details about the rates and the registration. 

If you need more details on the legal entities available for a recruitment company in Belgium, please contact our team of company incorporation consultants