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Start a Fintech Company in Belgium

Start a Fintech Company in Belgium

Financial technology, or in short “fintech” has gained worldwide popularity as banks and financial companies are looking for modern solutions for the services they provide.

Investors who start a fintech company in Belgium have access to an innovative system, incubators, and accelerators. Even more, company formation in Belgium is a simple process and investors have access to many talented and creative employees.
Our incorporation experts can definitely help you open a company in this country and can also assist in other corporate and taxation matters, such as VAT registration in Belgium.

The fintech sector in Belgium

The fintech sector in Belgium is a growing one, with an increasingly larger number of startups based in Brussels and other Belgian cities. Science parks and incubators spread throughout Flanders and Wallonia are bringing together the experts, angel investors and entrepreneurs to create a cohesive environment. 

Companies that develop financial technologies have the advantage of entering an innovative business field with applicability in a variety of financial fields. Fintech users include banks, large and small businesses. The growing mobile banking trend, as well as the emergence of a host of financial planning apps, are just some examples of the field’s broad usage.

Fintech companies in Belgium mainly focus on delivering business-to-business fintech solutions. A large number of Belgian fintech startups offer their services to financial institutions while other provide solutions for businesses and consumers.

Investors who open a company in Belgium have various options when deciding upon their area of expertise. Because the country is relatively small, many fintech investors in Belgium are looking beyond providing services solely to Belgian customers. An advantage of the country is that it is located in the heart of Europe and entrepreneurs have easy access to the surrounding markets. 

Opening a Belgian fintech company

In order to start a fintech company in Belgium, investors need to follow the basic steps for company registration in Belgium. Choosing a legal structure, having an original business name and opening a bank account in Belgium are three of the initial steps. The company needs to be registered for business and tax purposes.

You can contact our Belgian company formation agents for complete information on the company incorporation steps.