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Start a Pet Shop in Belgium

Start a Pet Shop in Belgium

Pet stores in Belgium cater to the needs of all animal lovers and their furry friends. These types of establishments will typically provide food and accessories for all types of pets while others will also include or combine pet grooming services.

Investors can start a pet shop in Belgium with the help of our company formation experts.

Pet shops in Belgium

Pet shops in Belgium focus on the wellbeing of all types of furry friends, small or large. These types of shops offer alimentation and accessories for domestic animals, including dogscatsbirds, fish, exotic birds, reptiles or even larger animals like horses. Some pet stores can focus on a wide selection of items for animals while other will only offer food and accessories for some types of pets. 

These are some of the top issues to consider when deciding to open a pet shop in Belgium

  • – the premises for the new shop;
  • – special licenses;
  • – the animal food/accessories stock;
  • – customer service: hiring staff in Belgium that is qualified;
  • – insurance.

An important consideration when opening an animal store in Belgium is the location of the shop. The three regions in the country, Wallonia, Flanders, and Brussels-Capital, may have different requirements and the steps for company formation may differ slightly.

Some pet shops in Belgium are part of larger chains. Investors can consider a franchising option if they want to enter the per suppliers’ market. One of our Belgian company formation agents can give you details on the franchising options in the country.

Opening a pet shop in Belgium

The company formation steps for investors who want to open an animal store in Belgium are similar to those required for all other types of businesses. The private limited liability company, or in short, the SPRL/BVBA after its French and Flemish names, is a popular type of business and one that is suited for investors who want to open a pet store.

It can be incorporated for an unlimited period and it offers a limited degree of liability to its founders. The taxes in Belgium for the SPRL/BVBA are the corporate income tax and other taxes.

Once registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, the pet shop will also be subject to VAT registration in Belgium. The same company number already assigned will become the pet shop’s VAT ID. This registration is a mandatory step, even if the company is considered a small or medium enterprise (with an annual turnover below EUR 25,000) and thus exempt from VAT.

Contact us for complete assistance for opening a company in Belgium. Our experts can help you throughout the company incorporation phase and provide you with guidance on the specific Belgian requirements for your chosen type of business.