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The Employment Contract in Belgium

The Employment Contract in Belgium

Working in Belgium

Business owners who want to hire personnel need to draw up an employment contract in Belgium for their employees. This document is concluded in written form and must include all the relevant information about the work to be performed and the benefits offered to the employee.

The Belgian labor law distinguishes between two types of employees: white collar workers who perform intellectual wok and blue collar workers who perform mostly manual work. The employment contract will be drawn up considering the differences between these two types of activities. Our experts can help you observe the requirements for each category of employees if you want to open a company in Belgium.

Types of employment contracts in Belgium

The employment contract in Belgium can be distinguished not only according to the type of work performed by the individual, but also according to its duration. The Belgian law recognizes the following types of contracts:

open-term employment contract;

fixed-term employment contract;

temporary contract;

replacement contract;

employment contract for a specific type of work: with determined or undetermined duration.

Artists and athletes as well as volunteers can be compensated for their work, although certain specific provisions can apply to them. Employment contracts can also be drawn up for students or home workers. 

Belgium usually has a 38 hour per week working policy. Part-time employment contracts are also concluded in writing and the document must mention the duration of the part-time work. Our company registration representatives in Belgium can help you draw up the employment agreement according to the type of employees you need for your business.

Contractual benefits for employees in Belgium 

Employees in Belgium are entitled to rest time and employers should observe the rules for the weekly working hours as defined by the labor law. Working hours may not exceed 11 hours per day or 50 hours per week. The payment of overtime must be included in the employment contract. Employees in Belgium are entitled to annual leave, maternity leave and sick leave. They are also protected against unfair dismissal and discrimination. In case of unfair dismissal, the employer must pay compensations.

An employment contract in Belgium can be terminated by each party at any time though a legal notice. The termination can occur:

– upon the expiration of the agreement (for a fixed-term contract); 

– upon completion of work (in case of a contract for a specific type of work); –

– by mutual agreement;

– by force majeure or death.

Our company registration consultants in Belgium can help you hire employees and conclude any employment agreements. Our partner Belgian law firm can help you solve any legal issues or disputes regarding employment.