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Virtual Office in Belgium

Virtual Office in Belgium

The virtual office is a business address for a company that, for a fee, also includes office-related services. Investors who wish to open a company in Belgium will need to have a mandatory registered office and the business address of the virtual office can be used for this purpose.

By opening a virtual office in Belgium foreign investors can establish their presence on the Belgian market and expand their business activities. Belgium has an unbeatable geographic advantage: its location at the heart of Europe makes it a strategic location for investors who want to have access to the European market. 

 Quick Facts  
Best used for 

– small or medium businesses,

– start-ups,

– freelancers or remote workers,

– seasonal businesses,

– e-commerce companies, etc.

Mandatory to open a company in Belgium (YES/NO)

YES, you must have a registered address to open a Belgian company.

Services included in virtual office package

– registered office address,

– mail collection and forwarding,

– fax number,

– voice mailbox,

– telephone number.

Additional services

– dedicated fax service,

– call redirecting,

– collection of bank statements, etc.


We offer personalized virtual office services for our customers.

Hours of access

24/7 (depends on the service provider)

Secretary services

Available on request

Meeting rooms

Available in various sizes to accommodate different types of meetings;

Must be booked in advance.

Local phone number (YES/NO)


Privacy and security Virtual offices offer privacy in cases of home-based businesses.
Rent duration

Monthly or yearly, depending on the contract.

Minimum rental period

1 month 

Available locations

– Brussels,

– Ghent,

– Antwerp,

– Bruges, etc.

Advantages of a virtual office in Belgium

– professional business address,

– cost-saving option,

– flexibility,

– privacy,

– receptionist services, etc.

 Assistance Our Belgian company formation specialists can help you open a virtual office, based on your needs.

virtual office package is a real business solution for investors, regardless of the business sector they operate in. Our company registration experts in Belgium can help you set up a virtual office and enjoy all of its benefits. 

Investors who open a company can rely on our team not only for the virtual office services, but also for Belgian VAT registration and compliance. All companies that provide goods and services that are subject to this tax are required to register with the authorities before they commence these activities and, once their registration is conformed, their VAT ID is activated. Our team can give you more information about the registration process.

The advantages of a virtual office

virtual office in Belgium will have lower set-up costs than those required to open a Belgian company. The investor will benefit from having established a presence on the Belgian market, which can translate into a better connection and communication with Belgian clients and business partners.

Brussels is a prime location to set up a virtual office in Belgium but other large cities in Belgium like Ghent, Antwerp or Bruges can be great locations to base a business, depending on the targeted clientele. With a virtual office in Brussels, your business will benefit from the presence of a high-profile office at lower costs compared to a traditional office.

Our company can provide company formation services and virtual office services. You can talk to one of our experts for more details and the solution that will suit your business needs.

We also invite you to watch the following video about working via a virtual office:

Virtual office services in Belgium

If you want to open a Belgian company and are also considering setting up a virtual office, our experts can help you with personalized virtual office services in Belgium. These include the option to set up an office in Belgium as well as other dedicated services, as per your business needs. 

The Virtual Office package provided by CompanyFormationBelgium.com contains:

  1.    Prestigious business address in Belgium that allows the company to have a credible and risk-free base for corresponding with clients: the virtual offices are located at central business locations throughout the largest Belgian cities.
  2.    Registered office necessary for establishing a Belgian company: having a registered office address is mandatory in Belgium for the purpose of opening a company; the address of the virtual office will be the same as the registered office address.
  3.    Mail collection and forwarding: this service includes mail collection, picking up packages that arrive at the address and forwarding them as per your instructions; all forwards are performed as you indicate, either by mail, fax or email.
  4.    Incoming and outgoing faxes: virtual office clients can use our local fax number; we’ll collect and send faxes to you, wherever you are.
  5.    A local phone number: having a local phone number in Brussels, Belgium or in another city will make it easier to keep in touch with local clients.
  6.    Voice mailbox: your voice messages will be forwarded to you by email, as instructed.

For some companies, the abovementioned services will suit all of their business needs. However, some entrepreneurs who need a virtual office in Belgium will find that they can use some additional services. These are:

   1. Dedicated fax service with your own private and dedicated number;
   2. Call redirecting: we can redirect calls to your primary number;
   3. Collection of bank statements;
   4. Extra usage of the meeting room. 

Depending on your business needs, our agents can also provide additional services. Our packages offer complete business solutions but can be personalized according to your specific needs.

The virtual office in Belgium offers many advantages for foreign and local entrepreneurs, especially for those businesses that need to establish a Belgian presence but can continue to work remote. This type of working includes advantages both for the company itself, in terms of corporate costs, and for the employees in terms of working flexibility. 

Virtual office Belgium FAQ

Investors in Belgium may not be well aware of the specific advantages they have if they choose to set up a virtual office when they incorporate a company in the country. While it is not too late to change the office after the business is registered, it is useful to make the choice from the start and decide whether or not this type of manner of running the business is suitable.

Below, our team answers some of the most common questions about a virtual office in Belgium. Investors who need more detailed answers or personalized solutions can reach out to our specialists for more information about how to make this choice and how to implement the change, if applicable.

1. What types of companies use a virtual office?

All types of companies, small, medium or larger ones can employ the services included in a virtual office package. Understandably so, larger companies can seek more complex services packages that will include all of the available features as well as access to the largest meeting rooms in the building. Small or medium companies may also access these, however, if cost reduction is an issue, the packages are tailored to meet these needs and offer the option for selecting services that are included in the budget served for office services.

2. Are there any industry limitations?

The only industry considerations appear when your company is involved in manufacturing. If this is the case, the virtual office package will only provide for part of your activity necessities. You will also have to take into consideration renting a suitable space and equipping it so that your team or employees will engage in the specific manufacturing work. However, the virtual office is a suitable solution if, for example, the factory or production is located in a Belgian city and you can benefit from basing the virtual office in Brussels, in order to benefit from the advantages offered by being based in a city that functions as an important business hub in Europe.

3. How do I have access to my virtual office in Belgium?

You will be able to access the virtual office space as needed and as agreed in the services package. The hours can depend on the chosen services provider, however, many offer non-stop building access (that may also include access in various types of offices or meeting rooms). The exact access details are determined once you choose a virtual office package that suits your needs. Access to the virtual assistant (if available) and the receptionist services can be conditioned by certain hours, according to your agreed terms (24/7 reception team options can be available in some cases).

4. Will using a virtual office influence my customers?

Your customers do not need to know that you use virtual office services. The call forwarding or receptionist/assistant services are seamless and professional. The clients will receive the answers they are looking for or they will be redirected to receive more information, as per your indications. Our team that provides receptionist services at the virtual locations in Belgium will not inform the clients that you or your associates or employees are at the location, nor will they provide details about the office. The only manner in which your clients can know that you are running your business from a virtual office is if you specifically inform them of this.

Company formation in Belgium

Choosing to work via a virtual office can be one of the first important decisions investors make once they decide to set up a company in the country.

While a Belgian company may choose to change its particulars (changes that must be reported and registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE)), it often is advisable to seek the virtual office services from the beginning, as the address of the building in which the services are provided can be used as the company’s registered address (at no additional cost; the address will feature both in the company’s constitutive documents as well as the address for correspondence used by clients and the Belgian authorities).

According to Statistics Belgium, the rate of new company incorporations is highest in the Brussels-Capital Region. The data shows the following:

  • – between 2007 and 2019, the average net business incorporation rate was 3.5% in Brussels-Capital;
  • – the rate was 2.6% in Flanders and 1.7% in Wallonia;
  • – in Flanders, the creation rate increased slightly in 2019;
  • – the average business creation rate during the analyzed period was 9.3%, with significant increases in 2014 and 2016 (a time during which the business disappearance rate also decreased).

If you are interested in company creation in any of the three areas and need a virtual office in Belgium, you can contact our company registration consultants in Belgium for a complete offer of our services and our price list.