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Why Invest in the Belgian Automotive Industry?

Why Invest in the Belgian Automotive Industry?

Foreign businessmen can invest in the Belgian automotive industry, as the country has a long tradition in vehicle production industry, being one of the key players in the automotive assembly field. Those who want to open a company in Belgium in the field of automotive can benefit from the business opportunities which can arise here, as the car industry is extremely important for the local economy. The sector is rather large, as it employs more than 85,000 persons, working in more than 300 companies operating in the automotive sectorOur team of company formation representatives in Belgium can provide more details on how to obtain specific business permits and licenses for this field. 

Belgium, an automotive country 

One of the main reasons why businessmen should invest in the Belgian automotive industry relates to the fact that the car industry is one of the most important economic sectors in Belgium. At the moment, Belgian car industry is focused on producing components that have a high value added for vehicles manufactured here. 

Smart technology in Belgium 

Foreign businessmen who are interested in company formation in Belgium must know that the local industry is also aiming at developing new modern technologies for the car production. The components of the cars are controlled through smart technologies, which help at developing the local car production.

Employees in a company operating in the field of automotive are required to know how to handle such technologies and in this sense, we mention that the Belgian workforce is highly trained in operating with modern means of technologyOur team of company formation agents in Belgium can provide more details on the specific regulations that must be respected for those employing personnel in this country. 

Incentives for Belgian automotive industry  

Those who want to register a company in Belgium in the automotive market can incorporate their business in Flanders, a highly developed Belgian region, which produces more than 3,5 million cars per year. The main hub for automotive in Flanders is the Port of Zeebrugge.

The local authorities provide many business incentives to further sustain the development of the industry, such as employment subsidies to help reduce the costs that are associated with paying salaries in Belgium

Investors can also receive various grants and funding for the development of the business, but also tax incentives available for numerous matters related to the car manufacturing

Businessmen interested in the Belgian automotive industry can receive more details on this subject from our team of company formation consultants in Belgium