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Workforce in Belgium

Workforce in Belgium

Belgium is a country with important business prospects, as the Belgium economy is ranked as one of the most representative at a European level, but also due to its workforce, which is highly skilled and productiveForeign investors who are interested in opening a company on the Belgium market can benefit of an attractive environmentour Belgian company formation specialists can guide you in choosing personnel for your new company in Belgium

Belgian workforce, highly trained and versatile 

Workforce in Belgium is highly skilled, trained and productive. Amongst the European countries, Belgium is ranked as the first most productive country in terms of workforce abilitiesBelgium policies have led to an increasing number of young people earning high degree studies, who are speaking many foreign languages (European languages) and who are versatile to the shifts of the working environment

The Belgian legislation sustains the inclusion of its workforce on the employment market by offering various incentives to employers (such as reduction of contributions paid for employees), but also by offering an education system in which the pupils and students are trained according to the real needs of the Belgium economyour company formation representatives can provide you with more information on the incentives offered to the employers by the Belgian government

Employment legislation in Belgium 

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the Belgian workforce is ranked as being the 5th world economy in terms of employment productivity. This is largely due to the education system, which has always been encouraged by the Belgian governmentBelgian employees are also the happiest employees in the world, according to the Global Workforce Happiness Index.

According to the Belgian legislation, young people, starting from the age of 15, are allowed to work part time; a full-time employment contract is allowed for a person under 18 years old only during the vacation period. 

In Belgium, the working week is defined by 40 hours of work, but there are industries in which the unions and the companies have settled for a shorter workweek, of 35 or 38 hours. 

For people under 21 years old, the minimum salary is calculated as follows:

• workers who are 18 years old must receive a 82% of the minimum wage;

• workers who are 19 years old receive 88% of the minimum wage;

• workers who are 20 years old receive a 94% of the minimum wage. 

If you need further information on the workforce in Belgium,  please contact our company formation consultants, who can provide you with an in-depth presentation and can help you through the recruitment process