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Open a Bakery in Belgium

Open a Bakery in Belgium

The Belgian bakery market consists both of bakery chains spread throughout the cities but also craft bakeries, a type of business that is attractive to many investors due to its smaller size and niche production.

The general steps for company formation in Belgium apply when opening a bakery and in addition to observing the registration requirements, business owners will also need to comply with obtaining the special permits and licenses required to manufacture these types of goods.

Bakers and bakery products in Belgium

Bakeries in Belgium offer different types of products, with an increasing trend in natural and healthy types of bread loaves, free of additives. The sector includes both products that are private label and those that are artisanal ones, produced locally. 

The baked goods market is a well-represented one and a mature category of the packaged foods. With a strong French influence for the patisserie goods, like croissants and other products, and with emphasis on quality ingredients, bakers who open a company in Belgium have the chance to reach a wide range of clients, locals, and tourists alike.

Requirements for opening a bakery in Belgium 

Opening a bakery in Belgium will start with selecting a business form, usually the private limited liability company and handling the procedures for Belgian company formation. This includes selecting a unique and available company name, having a share capital and opening a bank account as well as preparing the company documents. one of our agents can help you throughout these stages. As for the other elements to take into consideration when opening a bakery, we propose the following: 

  • – Choose the served products: bakeries focus on delivering freshly made bread loaves, bread rolls, baguettes, and sandwiches but they can also include patisserie goods.
  • – Find the space: a bakery will need to function in a space that will be sufficient for the kitchen and for a serving area and, in some cases, a sitting area.
  • – Hire staff: hiring employees in Belgium who will work at the new bakery is an important part of the process.
  • – Advertise: a new bakery will need a marketing strategy for which a part of the start-up costs can be set aside. 

These steps are only a brief guide and investors should keep in mind that they will also need to obtain special permits and licenses from the Brussels-Region, Flemish or Walloon authorities. 

You can contact our agents who specialize in company formation in Belgium for more information about how to start a bakery. Our consultants can also assist you in case you need VAT registration services in Belgium.