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Open a Security Agency in Belgium

Open a Security Agency in Belgium

The private security sector in Belgium is a developed one and private security officers are employed in a wide range of locations, institutions and public places. Customers have various and needs and companies in this business field strive to handle all of the requirements.

Investors who open a security agency in Belgium need to take into consideration the applicable laws for private and particular security, the licensing requirements as well as the general procedure for Belgian company formation.

Types of security services in Belgium

Most companies that operate in the private security sector in Belgium will offer an integrated security model, meaning that they will provide both the manpower, the security guards, and the technology, the security systems for their clients. Of course, both corporate and individual clients have the option to choose the services that suit their needs. The list below highlights possible services that can be offered by a security agency in Belgium:

  • Event security: specialized services for securing event locations and VIP protection when needed;
  • Technical security services: CCTV cameras, complete surveillance systems and electronic surveillance in general;
  • Security officer services: agents with adequate training and experience who can provide on-location security services;
  • Transport security: services that ensure the safe transport of valuable goods such as jewelry, money or art.

Our team can give you more details about licensing if you wish to open a Belgian company that activates in this business field. Our team can also help you if you need VAT registration services in Belgium.

How to start a security agency in Belgium

Investors who want to start a security services business should follow a few key steps, starting with choosing the type of business entity. The BV and the NV are two options in Belgium which need to be registered with the Trade Register. All legal entities are required to have a unique name and a bank account in the country.

You can contact our agents who specialize in company registration in Belgium for complete assistance during registration.