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Start an Advertising Agency in Belgium

Start an Advertising Agency in Belgium

Advertising has an important impact on the economy of Belgium by increasing the economic activity and the productivity of different economic sectors.

The impact of the industry is evident in various parts of the economy and the effect of advertising on the consumer has been the subject of many studies and reports. 

Investors who want to start an advertising agency in Belgium can target specific sectors or niches or open a company that offers general advertising services. In order to open a company in Belgium, entrepreneurs need to observe a few key rules for incorporation and management. 

The advertising industry in Belgium

The advertising industry in Belgium comprises of all agencies and companies providing advertising services, including but not limited to the creative industries and the display advertising services. The creative industries rely heavily on the performance of this business sector. Local and foreign companies in Belgium that have a successful advertising policy gain market recognition and are able to continue investing in Belgium.

Advertising allows Belgian companies to provide high-quality services, boosts competition and shapes the buyer-seller relationship.

Advertising agencies in Belgium cover a wide range of audio-visual production, according to the needs of their clients. The services generally cover all of the steps from conception to broadcast. 

Company registration in Belgium is mandatory for these types of companies and for foreign branches operating in the advertising industry.

Opening a Belgian company

 Full foreign ownership is possible for advertising agencies in Belgium. If they wish to open a company in Belgium, foreign investors benefit from the same treatment as local ones. 

The main forms of business entities in Belgium include the limited liability company, the private limited company, the cooperative, the partnership or the sole proprietorship. Small companies will generally prefer to open a private limited liability company.

Company registration in Belgium is mandatory and it is performed with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. Companies receive a number, which will also act as the VAT number. The standard corporate income tax rate in Belgium is 33.99%, including a surtax and withholding taxes apply, although exemptions and double taxation relief are possible. 

There is no minimum VAT registration threshold in Belgium, meaning that advertising companies, like other companies, are required to register with the competent authorities before commencing their activities, a step that follows the registration of the new business. For complete information about VAT registration in Belgium (which takes place electronically), please reach out to our team.

For more information and advice on how to open an advertising company in Belgium please contact our experts. We are able to help you during all of the company incorporation stages.