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Open a Restaurant in Belgium

Open a Restaurant in Belgium

In order to open a restaurant in Belgium, any local or foreign investor must receive several permits and licenses that will attest the fact that the establishment respects the safety measures imposed by the Belgium legislationour company formation specialists can provide you with assistance on this matter.

Foodstuffs permit in Belgium

According to the Belgium legislation, all local or foreign companies which have operations in the food industry must obtain a license from the Foodstuffs Inspection Department, which belongs to the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC)

In order to receive this permit, you will need to submit an application to the Foodstuff Inspection Department; the Department will inspect the restaurant to check if the establishment meets the hygiene standards stipulated by the Belgium legislation

When the FASFC will issue the permit, you will have to pay a certain fee, which is established according to the number of employees and the business activity; you can request specific information on this subject from our company formation representatives, who can guide you through this process. 

The license attesting the right to operate in this field is available for three years; the investor is obliged to renew his or her license with three months before the expiration date of the permit issued by FASFC

If you want to invest in Belgium in this sector, our company formation experts are at you disposal. They can take care of the company registration process and they can also offer other business related services, such as virtual offices in Belgium or trademark registration services.

Other types of restaurant licenses in Belgium 

Any investor setting up a business in the catering industry should have other permits, according to the activities he or she wants to develop in the establishment. 

As such, any restaurant should receive the following licenses: 

business license – attesting the legal right to operate a catering activity in a certain place;

food handler’s permit – is showing that the employees hired in the restaurant have a food safety certification, which allows them to perform various activities such as handling, cooking or serving types of food products;

alcohol permit – if you plan to serve alcohol within the space of your restaurant, you will also need a permit, allowing you to serve alcohol beverages by respecting certain conditions;

music permit – in the situation in which you want to organize events in which you will need music (weddings, parties), you will also need a music permit; our company formation specialists can offer you detailed information on these types of permits.

VAT registration is required for entrepreneurs who start a restaurant, along with compliance with other tax regulations and filing obligations. A restaurant will need to register for VAT in Belgium before its commences its activities, as these types of activities are VAT-taxable. There is no registration threshold minimum, and the process can be performed with our help, via an online portal. Once the restaurant is registered, its VAT ID will be activated, as this is lined with the company’s registration number. 

If you need further information on the licenses and permits necessary for the opening of a restaurant, please contact our company formation consultants in Belgium